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At our café you can enjoy coffee from Schot Koffie, a local artisan coffee roaster located in Rotterdam West. 

Our coffee is grown at Fazenda California in Paraná, Brazil. Fazenda California was one of the state's earliest estates and was settled in the beginning of the 19th century by New Orleans coffee importer Leon & Israel. However, the owners were fixated on producing as much coffee as possible with little effort. Despite the farm's privileged location and excellent soil, the use of chemical fertilizers and herbicides contributed to very low quality coffee. 


The farm was acquired in 2004 by the Brazilian Saldanha Rodrigues family who were intent on transforming the farm and maximizing it's potential as a producer of quality coffee. After a large renovation of the farm, Luis Rodrigues started with a new era of socially and environmentally sustainable specialty coffee production. 

Our specific bean, the 'Cold Soul' Natural, is a product of experimental processing. After being harvested, the ripe cherries are delivered to the farm's tanks and are soaked in cold water. The cold water gives a condition of "controlled fermentation," giving the coffee the opportunity to begin a slow, even ferment whilst avoiding over-blown vinegar flavors. The coffee is then dried on African beds for 25 - 30 days.

 We try to pour as much love as possible in every cup we make. Enjoy your coffee black or white, with (oat) milk. 



Next to our coffee we serve a variety of teas from Theemaas and homemade soda's like lemonade with lemon, lime and ginger and an iced tea with jasmine tea and blood orange. We also make a delicious masala chai syrup for hot, cold or dirty chai lattes.


We sell a crisp and dry Verdejo/Sauvignon from Spain, a full bodied and wild fermented rosé Granache from South Africa, and a rich and lightly chilled Primitivo from Puglia. 


Craving a beer? We serve organic beers from Gulpener Brewers, such as the Pilsener and Ur-Weizen. Rotterdam is also well represented in our beer fridge, with the pomelo and tripel from Brouwerij Noordt, a coffee stout and blond from Rott. Brouwers. We also sell Bobby Love, a NEIPA from Big Belly Brewing (Breda) and a hazy IPA from Baxbier (Groningen).

Ciders are also well represented on our menu, with the sweet and crisp lightship cider and the slightly hoppy and tart RAM cider from the Rotterdamsche Appel Maatschappij. In the holiday season we serve a hot and spiced apple cider from Cider Cider.

We also sell a variety of mix drinks and (seasonal) cocktails!

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Breakfast bowl Koffiebar Namasté.HEIC

Our menu consists of lunch and breakfast options from every corner of the world. From Middle Eastern shakshuka's to a variety of unique toasties, like the Rotterdam, the Seoul, the Tel Aviv, and the Tokyo.

Next to our breakfast and lunch dishes we also have enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. Our homemade cinnamon buns are known well beyond the borders of Katendrecht. For the chocolate cravings we make legendary chef Yotam Ottolenghi's brownies with tahin and walnuts and rocky road with tonka and lime. We have a homemade cheesecake and on the weekends we often have a sweet weekend special.

To accompany our wines, ciders and beers we have a Spanish inspired snack platter with everything you'll be craving around borreltijd.

Check out our full menu here.


In the fall of 2018, Jordy Lassooij realized he was fed up with his corporate office job and ready for a new adventure - to be his own boss. He did not know how/when/where, but he did know he was not going to figure it out sitting behind a desk for 50 hrs a week. So he quit his job, packed his bags and set off to Central Asia. During a 10 day trek up the Annapurna mountain he finally had time to give rise to his ideas. He knew he wanted to start a business, preferably in the food industry, definitely on his home turf of Rotterdam. After just a few days of trekking, the idea of the coffee bar had taken shape, including visions of the interior, the menu and the atmosphere. Even the name was decided on during the trek, since everyone on the Nepalese massif greets each other by saying 'namaste'. 


Jordy's ideas were realized in the beginning of 2020 with this coffee bar on Rotterdam's Katendrecht. The coffee bar is run by Jordy with help from Jhoy, Ylona, Wouter, Paola and Julia who love nothing more than to see guests enjoy the space that Jordy cooked up in his head on those long, cold days of trekking through Nepal. 

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